Monday, January 14, 2008

botkier medium rose satchel

I don't know about you, but I actually missed all of the award show hub-bub last night. No pre-red carpet discussions about who was wearing what, no sitings of celebrities wearing some ridiculous dress or hairstyle, and no Rumer Willis as Miss Golden Globes (for some reason, she really annoys me). For God sakes... I even missed the incredibly long speeches!

Without any pictures of cute clutches to show you, I searched the archives to find one woman who never disappoints...Heidi Klum. I love her show Project Runway (let's not even talk about how she has Michael Kors judging) and the fact that she seems to have it all together with regards to her family.

I also love how she seems to have this effortless chic when it comes to daily dressing. Whenever she is photographed on the street, she always has the right bag...always. The handbag that she is wearing in these photos above* is no exception. It is the Botkier Medium Rose Satchel in black (seen above left in metallic green) and retails for $675, if you can find it. Is is sold out online and I haven't seen it in stores. Unfortunately I never picked one up...but here's hoping they come out with more..and soon!

Mommy J

*Photos of Heidi Klum are courtesy of Stylewatch Magazine, photo of bag courtesy of

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