Wednesday, January 16, 2008

jimmy choo

I adore Jimmy Choo. I think her shoes are gorgeous. I wish I was a regular Jimmy Choo wearer...a "lady-who-lunches" if you will. You know the type...the kind of woman who puts on a pair of strappy Jimmy Choo's (no matter the season), throws on some designer frock, grabs her fabulous bag, and prances out the door for a day of shopping and sipping mimosas...on, like, a Tuesday or something.

Well...I'm not a "lady-who-lunches". The only frocks I wear, have to be toddler proof and I certainly can't keep up with a toddler wearing high heeled anything! Also...who can shop with a squirmy and screamy two year old?

While I can never justify wearing high heels on a daily basis...I can justify carrying a fabulous bag. Case in point...the Jimmy Choo Ramona. I love this bag. It's roomy and oh-so soft to the touch. It's a classic bag that you can wear in any season, for years to come. That's a good thing, considering this bag will set you back $1875 at or

Happy Shopping!

Mommy J
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