Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the madeline large signature tote by coach

I am (normally) not a fan of Coach bags and I don't know why. Their styles have come a looonnnnng way from their dowdy beginnings and are setting trends of their own. While being a favorite of many celebrities, their prices (still) tend to be on the low end of the scale. Also, their matching accessories are cute and won't make you gasp at the price. Still, I do not own one...single...Coach...bag.

But...once in a while...one will catch my eye and make me think twice. It will make me stop in my tracks, walk into the store, try on the bag, and consider purchasing it. Case in point, the handbag you see pictured.

It's called the Madeline Large Signature Tote ($398) and you can find it on www.coach.com. The tote is available in two other colors as well, a darker brown trim (with the same color logo fabric) and a tonal black. I actually prefer the colors you see here.

It measures 14" l x 9 1/4" h and it has 22 inch straps. The bag has many inside pockets (cell phone and zip), as well as a top zipper to protect your valuables. There is also an outside open pocket in the back and a turn lock pocket in the front! All of that and it even comes with the cute silk bow that you see here (also printed in the Coach logo...natch!).

Mommy J

photo courtesy of coach.com

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