Friday, February 1, 2008

bakers handbags

Recently, most of the bags I have featured here have been on the high end of the scale. I don't think that I have included one bag under the $100 mark.

That's about to change.

The bag to your right is by Bakers and it retails for $59.99! heard right...$59.99.

It's their Lucy Satchel in grey patent and it's adorable. It satisfies the grey trend that's hot right now, while also throwing in the patent as well.

It's roomy and has enough pockets to stash your stuff. It has the two straps above that are long enough to put over your shoulder, but it also comes with a long strap too.

I saw this bag in person and I was impressed with how well it was made, considering it's not an expensive bag. I'm also in love with the color of the grey that they used.

If you're interested...try a Bakers store near you or

Mommy J

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