Sunday, February 17, 2008

carlos it or hate it?

I know that I am going to get some flack for this, but here goes...what is wrong with this bag?

I'm puzzled.

It's by Carlos Falchi and it's his Large Waxed Python Satchel in sea blue.

I can't seem to be able to put my finger on what is wrong with this bag. It's not the fact that it's python skin, in fact all of Carlos Falchi bags are either python or crocodile and really to-die-for. It's not really the's actually kind of pretty. It's not even the gathered flap, that's kind of interesting in a way.

So what is it......

This is really bothering me.

Ok...hold on...

I think I know what it's everything together. The skin, the color, and the gathered flap make it look like the tail of a mermaid going over the bag....right?

Right? could be that it's Sunday...and I should try not to think too much on a Sunday.

Either way...I'm leaving it up to you. Vote below, on whether or not you like this bag. I'll give the results at a later posting.

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Emily said...

I've been considering buying a plain grey leather version of this bag, and I'm having the same issues with something about it looking a bit gaudy, though I love the fluttering flap shape. I think with this bag, the python is too hardcore for the baby blue mermaid tail, and I think a partly silver chain strap would help even it out. Maybe with some python in the center of the strap. You dig?

Jennifer said...

Hello and welcome.
I loved the fluttering shape of the flap as well. The shape of the bag as a whole is gorgeous, as is the python...I'm def. in agreement that the baby blue is a bit much...somthing breaking it up would be nice too.
I think that this bag in a grey leather version would be adorable. I've even seen it in an off-white python that was stunning.

I think the best thing would be for us to get together and design our own line of bags, because you have great taste!


Lady Language said...

You're right - the whole thing just doesn't work well together. It makes me a bit sea sick looking at it :)

I love your blog and am adding you to my link list!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the compliment!
I loved yours as well!
Adding you to my Blogs to Obsess Over.