Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Believe it or not...I actually love a bargain. I get all light-headed and woozy if I make a great find at a sale.

I also love dressing high and low. I'll splurge on certain items that are well made and will never go out of style...shoes, jeans, handbags, etc...and save on others. I love the unique looks that you can create...and it allows me to follow some trends, without breaking the bank. I am a stay-at-home mom after all.

Lately, I've been featuring items that are on the high end of the scale (yesterday's Loubies were no exception!) so I decided to give you a little bit from the low end...

It's a blog that I just found called Frugal-Fashionista. It's been out for a while and already on many a blogger's favorite site list.

It's one of those finds that gets me all light headed and woozy...really.

It features photos of celebs, wearing the most adorable outfits imaginable, and shows you how to replicate the look for a much lower price.


Below is an example, of what they did with an outfit that Vanessa Hudgens wore recently...

See what I mean? Brilliant!

You could even build on this look with pieces in your own wardrobe. For instance...I would probably match a pair of skinny Seven's, with a TB Reva Flat, and (since I'm partial to black) that same tunic but in black plaid. I love how they enable you to take a celeb inspired look and make it your own.

And it's not just for the under 30 set...they feature celebs of all ages.

Head on over to Frugal-Fashionista, right this instant. Just click on their link under my Blogs to Obsess Over. While you're there, check out the other celebs they feature...believe me...you won't be disappointed!

photos courtesy of frugal fashionista

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