Tuesday, February 5, 2008

lauren conrad for linea pelle

I can't believe I am going to say the following:

I love The Hills.

I cannot get enough of that show. It's due to come back on again...I'm not sure when...and I can't wait.

I mainly watch for the fashions. Primarily, I watch the show for the scenes with Lauren and Whitney at Teen Vogue.

In my twenties I dressed well...but never in the labels that they sport on the show. And really...I would have killed to intern at a magazine.

My favorite person on the show, is Lauren. I really love her style. Whenever I see pictures of her in "real life", she always looks good. You normally see her carrying a great bag on her arm too. Generally, she carries her Chanel black tote. But, many times, you'll see her sporting other non-luxury brands. One of which is Linea Pelle.

Someone at Linea Pelle must have taken note of this. They must have also taken note of the fact that The Hills is such a popular show and Lauren is such a popular "character" because...

They collaborated with Lauren on a small collection of bags.

The bag above is from the Lauren Conrad for Linea Pelle collection. It's called the LC Tote and it retails for $350. It comes in black, brown, and this gorgeous olive. She also has a cute coin purse and a clutch as well.

While I may not run right out and buy one, I think that the bags are really cute. I like that she even gave a little nod to Chanel, with the chain handles. The cute cursive L on the zipper pull is a nice little touch too.

If you're going stir crazy waiting for your Hills fix...head on over to www.shopintuition.com to check out the collection.

Mommy J
photo courtesy of shopintuition.com

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