Thursday, February 28, 2008

trend - white bags

With Spring and Summer just around the corner, I wanted to feature some great white bags. To prove that you don't have to spend a fortune for a quality product...I wanted to show you some great ones that were less than $150. They are both by Nine West, they are both great for the warmer months ahead, and they are both $149.99.

The bag above is the Classic Leather Tote. It's a large enough bag to carry your makeup bag and wallet, and still have enough room for the other daily necessities. It also features an inner zippered pocket, a cell phone pocket, and a PDA pocket...perfect for work and play.

The bag below is called the Leather Buckle Satchel. It features a cotton lining with a zip pocket and a cell phone pocket (which is great because I have missed many a call, rooting around in my bag for my phone).

I love the contrasting stitching, the flap, and the buckle details. It's just an all-around cute bag, for running around town with.

Both bags can be found at They are currently on sale, so if you're interested...hurry.

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Lady Language said...

I really like the Leather Bucket Satchel - Nine West makes great quality bags for the price :)

Jennifer said...

They def. do! Nine West is a great goto bag for style and trend, without the huge price!

Jennifer said...

Forgot to add this....
Thanks for visiting, Lady Language!