Monday, March 10, 2008

3.1 phillip lim

While running some errands at the local mall, I stopped into one of my favorite stores...Cusp.

It's a boutique that's an off-shoot of Neiman Marcus. They are currently in select cities only, but I'm sure that will change in the future.

Cusp is a store that I love to shop in. The staff is insanely friendly and knowledgeable about their inventory. They will also help you pick out a great ensemble from head to toe.

In addition to their clothes, they sell some great accessories. Of course, it's their handbags that draw me in.

They carry some designers you may never have heard of, as well as many legendary luxury brands. Does the name Chanel ring a bell?

I came across the bag above, on my most recent trip, and was really struck by how beautiful it was.

This bag is by 3.1 Phillip Lim and it's his Omai Pleated Shoulder Bag ($626).

It's a simple bag, but the details are where it's at. I love the subtle pleating on the front pocket and the onyx plated handle accents are really striking. The whole bag gives off a great retro vibe to me.

It's a substantial bag at 17.25" l x 10.5" h, giving you ample space to fill with your junk. The top of the bag has a zippered closure, for extra security.

The Cusp boutique featured this bag in black, which I would choose for myself. I found this one on, which recently started carrying his bags. On their site, this bag is only available in this color called Golden Rust.

Check out a Cusp store near you, or try for this bag and others.

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Nicola Pedley said...

I love the shape and the colour's to die for - yellow (which I'm really into this season), but not at all in your face - beautiful.

Jennifer said...

nicola: I agree, it's such a simple bag, but so gorgeous at the same time. I love a colorful bag for Spring.