Saturday, March 15, 2008

bag trend - gray for spring

Gray seems to be the new black, for Spring 2008 accessories. I love it for it's transitional appeal from season to season. It's also a great color that can really work with the different colors in your wardrobe...think reds, creams, whites, tans, blues, even yellows and greens, in addition to the ubiquitious black.

This bag is by Foley + Corinna Handbags and it's their Mid City Tote in River Stone ($444 at

I love it for it's style and the fact that it's a convertible bag. You can wear it like you see in the photo to the right, as a tote. Or you can wear it as a shoulder bag, seen in the left photo here.

If the price is a little out of your range, you are in luck. I found two bags for under $25 at go-to store for affordable trendy clothes and accessories

This bag is the Pleated Faux Leather Satchel ($18.80) and really is a nice looking bag in person. It's a great way to embrace a trend without breaking the bank.

The second bag, seen below, is their Metal Ring Hobo ($23.80). It's a large bag, great for hanging out on the weekend.

Any of the above bags are great choices and two will leave you with enough money to spend on more bags!

foley+corinna handbag courtesy of
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Ballerina K said...

thanks for the comment! :)

I love grey too!!!!!! terrific post!

Lady Language said...

It is possible to find decent, cheap handbags and these both look very nice. I may have to go buy that Forever21 :)

Jennifer said...

I'm in my...ahem...well...let's just say 30's and I'm able to find some cute things that are age-appropriate. They really carry great clothing and accessories.
Then again...the same can be said for your great online boutique!

Diabolina said...

LOVING YOUR BLOG!!! i can't get enough of the f+c bags. thinking of one in gold!!!!

thanks for finding me. I'll be visiting yours lots.