Monday, March 3, 2008

burberry medal studs warrior bag

This is Burberry Prorsum's new offering for Spring 2008. It's one of those bags that you either love or hate.

I'm a little on the fence.

I do like the overall styling of the's a great shape for slinging over your shoulder comfortably. It's also a fairly large bag at 17" l x 7" h.

The studs are leaving me a little iffy. I guess I'm wondering how I would work this into my everyday stay-at-home-mom attire.

I could picture a few celebrities carrying this bag though...

According to my new issue of People Stylewatch, which...hello...I love, this is the bag that Cameron Diaz will be sporting. If anyone could pull off a bag like this...she could.

Either way, you can purchase this bag at for $3195.

If you like the overall styling of the bag, but could lose the medal studs, offers this bag without them for $1695.

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