Monday, April 7, 2008

bags under $100...gryson for target

Ok....ok....I know...I am a little late to the whole Gryson for Target party.

It's not that I didn't want to talk about's just that I wasn't able to get any good images for you to peruse dear reader.

The line does have a lot of bags to offer.

I've actually picked two that really appeal to me.

One is the bag to the right. This is the Zip Satchel in Black and it retails for $39.99.

It's actually a pretty attractive bag, although I haven't had a chance to see this one in person.

I love the braided handle and the zip pocket on the front. I am also loving the overall shape of the bag. The only thing I'm a little disappointed about is that it's made out of polyurethane, that could really prove to be a hit or a miss in person.

The second bag is one you have probably already seen.

It's her Patent Woven Bag with Cutout Handles in White ($44.99).

It's really a great option for a white bag if you don't want to dig too deep in your pockets for one.

The fact that you can carry this by the cutout handles, as well as by the longer strap, provides a fun versatility.

I suggest that you head over to the Target website, or your local Target stores to check these and the other bags being offered. I have a feeling that these bags will go...quickly.

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Lady Language said...

I may have to give the handbag department a second glance. I had no idea this was happening :)