Tuesday, April 8, 2008

how to....care for a designer bag

So you've made the jump and bought that ultra-expensive designer bag that you have been eyeing for months.

You take your purchase home, use it, and love it, for the course of a few months.

Then the time comes when you decide to switch it out with another one in your closet.

Maybe for the day, or you just want to use a different bag.

So, you dump out your contents from your lovely bag into the new one.

Then you take your gorgeous, insanely expensive, designer bag...and throw it on the floor of your closet.

Or...throw it on a shelf, or hang it up on a hook.

Basically, you just took the money you spent on that purse and chucked it out the window.

This is a nightmare scenario for me.

I would cry if someone took my bags and treated them this way.


All of my bags are neatly lined up on a shelf in my closet. Each one is lovingly stuffed with tissue paper (to keep the shape) and tucked into its dust bag.

Each and every one.

I remember the time I almost got into an actual argument with a friend over the fact that she was going to place one of her expensive bags into a plastic bag to store it.


I thought she was insane. She had the audacity to say that was the best way to store them.

Everyone knows, or should know, that a plastic bag will ruin a handbag. If you store it in any bag, use a fabric one. Many of your high-end bags, as well as some not so high-end, come with their own fabric storage bag. USE IT!

If you can't find the bag, or yours did not come with one, a pillow case will suffice.

While doing some hunting around the internet. I came across a great article that gives you the ins and outs for taking care of your handbag. Click here to take you there. It really goes into great detail on how you can keep your bag looking as great as the day you bought it.

Oh...by the way...that gorgeous bag at the top is by Louis Vuitton. It's their Monogram Canvas Galliera GM ($1350). Head on over to eLuxury to purchase.

photo courtesy of eluxury.com


Tam Pham said...

oh my god...i felt so guilty after reading this post. my beloved new lanvin was sitting on the floor and has been there for a couple of weeks!! after reading your post, i immediately put it in its rightful bag and put it on my shelf!!! thanks for the advice!

Jennifer said...

Great Tam!
Treat that Lanvin with the tenderness it deserves! : )
Glad I could be of help!

BTW..you reminded me that I haven't featured a Lanvin bag here...hmmmm...maybe I'll have to get a posting on one together.