Friday, May 2, 2008

that's one haute mama

I think it's clear to see, that Katie Holmes has come into her own. While being Mrs. Tom Cruise has afforded her the designer wardrobe of her dreams, it's still her own sense of style emerging from the Dawson Creek ashes.

Considering Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I'm a mother myself, has four looks devoted to celebrity moms.

Which they've cleverly titled Haute Mama

One is called the Chic Humanitarian (Angelina Jolie ), another is Couture Punk (Gwen Stefani), yet another is Hollywood Bohemian (Kate Hudson?), and finally Modern Sophisticate (obv KH).

I actually go between the Bohemian and the Sophisticate, believe it or not. Each has looks that I love. I truly adore the bohemian style in the warmer months.

Head over to, to check out these four looks and to shop for each of them.

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Fashion Ivy said...

Katie has definitely come into her own style. I'm gonna check out shopbop now.

Peace and love
Fashion Ivy

Diabolina said...

i heart shopbop and am obsessed with katie lately. she is a friend of a close friend and it drives me BONKERS that i am just one degree away from that wardrobe. wanna get my mitts all over it. sigh.