Tuesday, November 18, 2008

bags under $100 - collin satchel

Honestly...it kills me when women want to go designer and buy from a kiosk or the street corner.

For one...you aren't getting the real thing. Period.

Secondly...however much money you spent on that bag isn't worth it...guaranteed it'll eventually fall apart and you can't take it back or get it repaired.

And let's not even get into every shady under-dealings that those bags represent.

You don't have to spend a million dollars to get a great bag.

Case in point...this Collin Satchel by Bakers Shoes is only $45 on sale.

It's that great pop of color and a fab bag in one.

To me it has a Rebecca Minkoff vibe going for it. Love how you can carry it in hand or in the crook of the arm.

Perfect for fall and beyond.




Emily said...

i agree 100%. and to tell you the truth, i actually thought it was a rebecca minkoff at first glance (and i'm even a proud owner of her morning after bag!).

aryna said...

i like the colour of the bag.its nice

Meg said...

Totally cute bag!

Flores Hayes said...

my roomate is THRILLED with her bag!
she won’t put it down!!!

Couture said...

I love the collin satchel!


Chloe Handbags said...

The bag is just amazing with black vibrant color makes it more glossy and beautiful.And the most important it is from collin satchel.