Monday, March 2, 2009

a little obsessed with her style...lauren conrad

Welcome to a new feature here at a little bag obsessed...A Little Obsessed with Style. This feature will give me the chance to introduce to you the celebs whose style I'm dying over this week and also introduce a look that I'm loving that week.

My first is Lauren Conrad.

Now, I know that many, many people have something to say about her...generally negative...especially when it comes to her style.

But I happen to adore it.

She's casual chic...which is perfect for a suburban mom like myself. Her clothing choices are something that you could find in your local department store and it won't cost you a bundle to recreate them for yourself.

This look is actually something that I'm loving right now.

Big scarf wrapped around my neck. An easygoing white tee (long or short sleeves) that hits at my hips. Skinny jeans and a great jacket that hits a little below my waist.

The ballet flats, oversized sunglasses, and the Chanel bag totally complete the look.

This is a photo of her when her hair was shorter, in the current longer bob look. J'adore it and I'm instantly inspired to grow my chin length bob out immediately.


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